The Silver Bullet you have been looking for.

The Silver Bullet you have been looking for.

Have you been searching for a silver bullet that will kick start your business and make you a million dollars?

You are not alone. People spend years looking, try a few, maybe make a few bucks, maybe loose a few and then go looking again. Does it really exist??

There are thousands of examples of people out there who have found that million dollar idea so what did they do different to you or I?

In my view there are 4 major factors, one or more of which seem to be in play for every example I have come across.

  1. Timing: right time right place
  2. Unique Idea: Unique, interesting and popular.
  3. Execution: Methodical, calculated and consistent execution.
  4. Funds: enough capital to keep going even if its initially a loss.

For most of us, the thing we can most control of these four is the execution. Building processes to run your business, breaking the process into sections, measuring each one and them improving on the process.

For example: Instead of just going out there and trying to sell your product or service with no real methodology, create yourself a sales process. Break it into a number of small steps (not just 1 or 2, maybe 10 to 14 steps) set guidelines and expectations around each one of these steps and start to measure them. After a little while you will know if each step works or needs refining.

Test, measure, refine, test, measure, refine (never stop this cycle, it can always be better)

Do this in the major areas of your business and you WILL see results. It may not be the silver bullet you were looking for but I bet it will make a significant difference to your results.

What do you see as the major influencing factors for the Million Dollar ideas you have seen out there?